Plastic Beverage Bottles

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Every day, millions of consumers rely on the safety and ease of plastic bottles to help to preserve the quality and freshness of what we drink and serve our families. Plastics make possible an array of opportunities for transporting, storing and serving our favorite beverages, and today’s convenience-size bottles are an increasingly popular choice for busy people everywhere.

Most convenience-size bottles sold in the United States are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET, #1). PET has become the material of choice for bottled beverages because it is lightweight and shatter resistant, and PET has been extensively tested for safety. Bottles made with PET are widely used for everything from water and fruit juice to soft drinks and even beer.

Like all materials intended for food contact, PET is subject to FDA review and regulations. To help assure the safety of our food, FDA carefully reviews safety information on food packaging materials before allowing them on the market. Based on the scientific evidence, FDA has determined that PET is safe for beverage bottles and other food packaging applications.

Despite these assurances, a recent series of e-mail hoaxes may have caused unnecessary confusion about PET bottles. The resources below can help you learn more.

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