Kitchen Savvy Dos for Storing and Reheating Leftovers

  • Divide leftovers into several plastic containers to help food cool faster and allow for storage in convenient, single serving sizes.
  • Store leftovers in containers that are labeled for use in the freezer and microwave to save time on preparation and cleanup.
  • Cover food loosely with plastic wrap when microwaving to help with even heating, retain moisture and prevent spatter.  Leave about an inch of space between the wrap and the food and turn back a corner to allow venting.
  • Look for and follow the appropriate guidelines when microwaving with plastics.  Check the product or packaging label to confirm that a plastic item was designed to withstand microwave temperatures.
  • Open container lids and food wraps carefully and with the opening facing away from you when removing foods from the microwave, so that hot steam can be released safely.
  • Reheat leftover casseroles or pastas in the microwave in a small round or oval dish labeled for use in the microwave. A square or rectangular dish tends to allow the corners to overcook.
  • Dispose of plastic trays and containers provided with microwaveable meals after heating.  They may be convenient, but most of them are intended for one-time use.  Read the label!!

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